Dress Code

The Chilton Club requires appropriate attire at all times. Members and guests are expected to respect the Dress Code, and members should advise their guests of the Club’s Dress Code, stated below, before they visit the Club.
Women shall wear dresses, skirts, dress pants, or suits with suitable footwear in the public rooms (living room, dining room, library, etc.). Denim is not permitted in the clubhouse public spaces.
Gentlemen shall wear a jacket with a collared shirt or turtleneck in all public spaces. Ties are optional. The exception is a jacket with a tie is required for all Club Events and Club Programs unless otherwise specified. During the summer months of June and July, jackets are not required. Denim is not permitted in the clubhouse public spaces.
Overnight guests may wear informal travel clothing when entering and exiting the building. For members and overnight guests, breakfast will be served in the dining room until 10:00 AM. Appropriate casual attire is permitted at breakfast. If overnight guests plan on spending any time in the public spaces of the Club, they must adhere to the Dress Code stated above.

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices

The quiet, discreet use of mobile and electronic devices, to include reading, viewing photographs, and checking calendars, is permitted in all public areas of the Club.

Talking, texting, retrieving messages, or having a device audible in any manner is prohibited in all public rooms. Members are directed to the telephone booths (first floor), the Members Room (third floor), the Ladies Dressing Room (third floor), the iRoom (fourth floor), and the guest rooms for these uses. Earphones are not allowed in the public rooms.

Mobile devices are not permitted at Club Programs and Events where all devices should be on silent mode and out of sight.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited throughout the Clubhouse.

Pets / Animals

Pets are not allowed in the Club. Service dogs are an exception to this rule.

Photography / Social Media

The Club's name, address, or photographs of the Club or its members may not be used for advertising purposes nor may they be used on social media platforms.